About Laura:

I've been breeding labradoodles and goldendoodles since 2003! My husband, also a physician, and I have raised 5 kids, and love spending time with the new grandkids! We usually always have a litter of pups that the kids can play with! (They are the best puppy socializers!) I am working part time in a Minor Emergency clinic, part time with a hospice group, and full time as a breeder! I am MOST proud of the service dogs that we send out, but love hearing about the difference the doodles make in people's lives on a day to day basis! It makes all of the cold mornings, late nights delivering puppies, and work on the computer worth it!

About Mary:

Mary Cable, the mother of two active dog lovers, also stays busy as administrator of her husband’s law firm, particularly when he is out hunting with several of their working Labradors. A native of the Rio Grande Valley down in McAllen, Texas, Mary was raised with standard poodles and claims to have thought about crossing these breeds long before anyone actually did it on purpose. The Cables’ lab bloodline is locally well known for extraordinary temperament. Their late great yellow male “Ben” sired well over 100 labs in the area for owners who heard about him by word of mouth from local duck and dove hunters as well as golfers (Ben was a regular cart passenger with several groups at the Sulphur Springs Country Club). 

About Kathy:

Kathy has worked for Laura for 15+ years. She graduated from child care to puppy/kennel care. She knows as much about the dogs as Mary and Laura and loves the dogs just as much! The dogs love her, too, obviously!