Here is Tilly. She is an Australian Multigen from Mud Creek Labradoodles. She has good hips, elbows, patellas and cardiac exams. She is a carrier for PRCD but no pups will be affected as long as her mate is negative. She lives with her family in the metroplex. She is dearly loved!



This is Daisey. She is an Australian Multigen Labradoodle and born in April of 2014. Her parents are Annabelle and Dusty. Her Pennhip score is 60%, von Willebrands negative, PRA negative, cardiac normal, patellas normal, and eyes are normal.


Dusty's birthday is 03/26/12. He is from Dixie's Doodles, and parents are Dixie's Shadow Brown and His Acre Truffle. His hip scores by Pennhip testing are awesome, at 90%. OFA hips good, OFA elbows, patellas, and cardiac are all normal, eyes are normal by CERF/OFA. Personality is smart, calm, and very sweet. We are SO excited to have him in the program!


Annabelle's birthday is 04/24/2012. Parents are Chip and Lola. Her hip scores by the Pennhip testing are 60%. OFA of hips good. OFA of patellas, elbows, cardiac, and eyes are all normal. She is playful and extremely intelligent. Loves her life with Lola and her family.



Here is Field of Dreams, "Chip", from Heartland's Labradoodles in Iowa. He is a multi-gen, both parents are Australian Doodles. He will likely be retiring at some point this year (2016).



He is a male Australian multigen labradoodle from Cream Puff Labradoodles in New Jersey.