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Puppy Application

To begin the process of getting a puppy please complete the form below, then send a followup email to Laura.

The cost for each puppy is $1,800 which includes the deposit fee, vaccinations, worming, crate training, limited health warranty, spay/neuter (optional).

*Preferred* method of contact is via email: lkdoughtie@gmail.com

Contact Laura via phone: (903) 885-8615

**due to the high volume of calls we don't have a voice mailbox, if there's no answer please try again or shoot us an email!**
We require a deposit of $300 and base priority of choice on the order that deposits are received.  We also reserve the right to first choose 1 or 2 puppies to be trained as service dogs. This deposit is transferable to a different litter but non-refundable. Cash, check, credit card, or Paypal are accepted.

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Phone Number
Remember, our puppies are desexed, so a male puppy will not develop the annoying male habits associated with testosterone and will make a very good pet.
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