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Skye is a first generation Goldendoodle. Her parents are Zoe and Kazz and she was born in November of 2014.


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Zoe is a golden retriever. Her birthday is 09/05/09. She weighs 60 lbs. She is half English Cream and half American lines. She has a great personality and is a fantastic mom. Her Pennhip scores are 60th percentile. OFA hips good, elbows normal, CERF normal, cardiac and patella's normal. PRCD gene negative.


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Lola and Chip’s daughter. Great test scores.


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Here is Field of Dreams, "Chip", from Heartland's Labradoodles in Iowa. He is a multi-gen, both parents are Australian Doodles. He will likely be retiring at some point this year (2016).


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Dusty's birthday is 03/26/12. He is from Dixie's Doodles, and parents are Dixie's Shadow Brown and His Acre Truffle. His hip scores by Pennhip testing are awesome, at 90%. OFA hips good, OFA elbows, patellas, and cardiac are all normal, eyes are normal by CERF/OFA. Personality is smart, calm, and very sweet.



Here is Gabby. She is an F1B. She is Suzy's and Yukon's daughter. Her pennhip scores are 60th percentile. Her OFA is good. elbows are normal, patellas are good, and eyes are good. She is fun loving and has a great fleece coat. She was born 6/2009. 


Izzy is a F1B. Parents are Cosmo and Bonny. She was born in March 2009. Great coat and sweet girl.


Mika is a first generation Goldendoodle. Her parents are Zoe and Mickey. We had to have her spayed due to a complication with a pregnancy.


Rutland's Funny Fella aka Jock is an Australian multigen Labradoodle from Pine Lodge Labradoodles. He is only 28 pounds.


Mocha is a standard poodle from champion lines. He has a cream coat with chocolate undertones. He's a great dog!


Lola is a F1B from Keesha and Charlie born in 2007. 


Mojo is a stud from Rutland Manor in Australia. Born in March of 2004. A multigeneration back cross labradoodle. He was a bit more high strung than our F1's, but had a lot of personality and intelligence. He truly has the fleece coat. Penn hip scores are above average and his Von Willebrand's trait negative. PRCD clear, elbow OFA normal. He was an Australian Multigen Labradoodle.


LC Chocolate Chip Sunday, aka Sunny, is Midge and Chip's daughter born in March 2009. Hips, elbows, and patellas are all great. She has her mom's gentle spirit and her dad's fun loving attitude. She is an Australian Multigen Labradoodle.




Her birthday is 6/12/2010. Parents are Chip and Jazz. She is a 3rd generation doodle and weighs 46 pounds. She lives with a wonderful family, and her poodle mix "sister", Lilly.


Daughter of Phoebe and Mickey, born in 2005. She lives with her loving family in Sulphur Springs and absolutely steals hearts with her personality and intelligence.



She is an F1 that is the daughter of Maggye and Mickey. Born in 2007 with a great easy going personality. She is sweet and social and loves dogs and kids.


Phoebe was 75 pounds of solid white style and athleticism. She was blocky, stocky, and drop dead gorgeous. She could stand flat-footed and leap vertically 5 feet in the air. She was an intense retriever and had her nose to the ground constantly. She had amazing pups and was a great mom!


Jessye has won over many hearts at her home in Sulphur Springs. She enjoys swimming and retrieving. She is the daughter of Peggye and Teddy and born in 2004.


She is the daughter of Peggye and Gunner. She is a smaller lab at about 60 pounds. Very intelligent and wonderful with people. She stays in the house with Mary and her family.


Gunner was a strong, blocky, 90 pound chocolate male with an incredible retrieving desire and instinct. He will go, non-stop, all day long and was one of the best producing stud dogs I've ever owned. He came from Gator Point Kennels in Mississippi and hails from a long line of field and hunt test champions. Gunner's grandsire is CFCC CAFC Pachanga's Magnum Force from Canada, on of the most successful producers of field trial champions in North America. Gunner's offspring are often requested through word-of-mouth and previous owners because of their good looks, intelligence and hunting abilities.


Rosey is an F1 doodle from Tess and Mickey. She lives in Amarillo with her family and is very intelligent and sweet. 

Lake Country Tess

Tess is a really pretty 60 pound fox red Labrador with a superb pedigree. Her sire is HRCH Go West Sylus MH and she does take after daddy! Tess has a very sweet disposition and is a favorite. Her puppies are extremely intuitive and have great potential to make wonderful hunters!


Roxie is a lovely 45 lb. silver/black standard poodle with a regal bearing and dignified manner. She has a refined look and fragile feel that is a little misleading – especially when you see her run and play and roughhouse with the others. Roxie has a free spirit and can fly like the wind, her feet barely skimming the ground. She has the cutest habit of carrying around a stuffed “baby” in her mouth all the time. She even sleeps with it! We can’t wait to see their babies! Roxie has a Good OFA certification. She and Billy had an incredible litter in 4/05. She makes 10 puppies seem easy! What a mom! Her von Willebrand’s trait is negative.


Cosmo is an F1. parents are Maggye and Charlie. He was born 3/27/06. 
Penn hip scores are 50%. He lives with Mary and her family. Loves to play and has a wonderful, calm disposition. Plan to breed him to some of our poodle girls and some of our doodles!


Yukon was a 50 lb. white Standard Poodle with a tall, handsome body and intelligent look to his face. He had the most incredible retrieving abilities – not something you see much in Poodles these days! Besides competing for a throwing dummy, his favorite past-time was swimming in the lake; usually after a trip to the groomer. Yukon is the self-appointed “puppy-sitter” for Lake Country Labradoodles. He takes his job very seriously and watches over our puppies like any other over-protective Mom. 


Chachi is an F1.Weighs 60-65 pounds. Hip scores are pending. She’s the sweetest, smartest, calmest pup I’ve ever owned! Her parents are Gunner and Roxie. She definitely swims and fetches! She plays baseball with the kids, retrieving the hit balls and returning them to the pitcher! We plan to breed her Spring 2006. Chachi's hip certification is excellent.

Angel Sioux "Suzy"

Sister of Jessye. Angel lives with her wonderful foster parents in New Mexico . She and the Chihuahua mix are best of buds! Her coat is flat and she’s a shedder, so we will likely pair her with a poodle for F1B’s. She’s about 65 pounds. Hips are excellent. Suzy is leaving to go to a family in East Texas.


Dry Creek's Teddy Roosevelt is a very handsome 55 pound black standard poodle with a stocky build that is quite unusual for his breed; you’d think he was part Lab. And he is such a sweetie - he even does the “Labrador lean”, usually while trying to crawl into your lap! Teddy has wonderful disposition and gentle demeanor with people and animals alike. The Lab Ladies around here, who are used to Gunner’s rough and rowdy ways, think he is every bit the gentleman, and they flirt outrageously! Teddy’s hip certification is excellent. Teddy’s DNA is profiled, and von Willebrand’s trait is negative. 


He is an awesome pet and friend. The son of Mary's locally famous lab, Ben. He has the calmest disposition, and loves everyone. He has been a lab breeder for years and is getting to like female poodles, too. He is DNA profiled, and has had the Penn hip score is average.


She's a small standard poodle, daughter of Yukon, that lives with a wonderful family. She has great hip scores and is Von Willebrand's negative.

LC Mickey O Nugget

Mick was a good-looking, red Standard with personality to go around. He was the funny man around here and constantly on the lookout for somebody to goof around with. Mick’s hip certification was excellent, his DNA was profiled and his von Willebrand’s trait was negative.


LC Charlie has a great personality and coat. He settled in great with everyone at Lake Country Labradoodles! He was playful but affectionate. Penn hip score excellent.


LC Lola's Scooter Fella is a third generation Australian Labradoodle. His parents are Lola, from our kennel, and Funny Fella, an Australian Multigen. He has a great soft coat and a wonderful personlity. Born early 2009.


LC Donna's Jasmine, "Jazz", was born 4/06 and her parents were Mickey and Suzy. She was an F1B with a great personality and a great coat. Her family absolutely adored her. She had many tricks and quirks. They think she could tell time!... If they haven't bathed her by 7 pm on Sunday night, she's sitting in the tub waiting for them! Her Pennhip scores were excellent.


Here is Midge. She is an F1B. Her parents are Jessye and Mickey. Her hips are excellent. She is an incredible dog both in looks and personality. She has a wooly coat and light nose and eyes. She will throw chocolates and reds. She retrieves and is a natural heeler. Midge has retired. She is with a family with 4 kids, loving the family life!