Hi Laura,
I thought you might enjoy this picture of Barley the Rangers fan. He is still working with me at school, and doing a fabulous job of rewarding and comforting kids as well as helping with reading practice for beginning readers. We had a Texas Rangers day on the first day of the World Series, and Barley showed his spirit. He’s posing with some of his fellow Kinsler fans. I hope this email finds you doing well. Take care!
— Barley's Mom
Here is Ginger. She lives in Coppell with her wonderful family! Enjoying the pool life!
Dear Lara,
This is Lucy Mae with her Dad! Had to send you this pic…we LOVE our precious one and thank you for maintaining the integrity of this wonderful breed of dogs. We cannot imagine life without her. I am sure you recall how tentative we were because of our horrible previous experiences. I can’t tell you how many people I have told about your web site. By the way, the 45 pound girl is a 55 pound girl! Hope you and your family are well.
— Lucy's Mom



I wanted to share with you some photos of Siena. We are having so much fun with her! She is doing really well. She loves her kennel and runs in there anytime we say “kennel up!”. It did not take long at all to house break her. She loves taking walks, and will play fetch until we can’t throw it any more. There’s a family down the street from us that got a lab puppy around the same time we got Siena, so they’ve become friends and frequently chase each other around the front yard. She has a really funny little personality. Whenever we’re out on a walk, we get people who stop and ask if she’s a labradoodle. Several have said they’ve been thinking of getting one, and we always tell them about you.
— Michael


Carley & Kayla

Carley & Kayla

Hi all, just want to keep you all in the loop on how everyone’s doing. carley (bree) is about 40lbs, (still pretty small next to my gentle giant kayla). she’s extremely smart and fun loving. i refer to her as the ‘class clown’ always doing something silly...loves stuffed toys, plays frisbie and for some strange reason is fascinated with sticks and leaves. oh, and she’s a total kisser. ask her for a kiss and she doesn’t stop til you turn away. she’s falling right in step with kayla’s habits and just loves her big sis. kayla showed her the ropes and recently went with carley for her first grooming. the only thing she really doesn’t care for is riding in the car, which i’m not sure why but it seems to upset her...doesn’t make it further than a 15min ride without throwing up (we’re working on that). in any case, attached are some pictures...hope you enjoy them! thanks again, we are one happy doodle family! the house feels vibrant again :-)
— Carley & Kayla's Mom
It is what I would call a solid 4.5 star experience. In other words, I give it a 9 out of 10.
— Quentin